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Are there any brothers here who have a headache because they have to spend up to an hour every day to shave and clean? So do you know? Why do beards grow so fast? are not? Is it good or bad? Let Serumi “replenish” you with some good knowledge!

Beards grow fast

What is beard?

Thinking of beards, everyone must immediately think of men, romantic guys with charming beards in elegant suits. So what is a beard?

Beards grow fast

Beard is known to be a stiff hair that usually grows in the skin around the mouth such as on the lips, chin or sideburns extending around the jawline.

Beards grow during puberty, most commonly seen in males. Women also have beards, but it’s just a fluffy, thin and soft hair, also known as a mustache. The case when the hormonal status spike also causes hirsutism in women.

Beards grow fast

From an evolutionary point of view, beards are part of an endogenous hairstyle, which is also considered a vestige of human evolution, from the time hair grew on the face and body to the evolution into a man without hair. hair today. mighty.

Beards grow fast

However, depending on different cultures, people also have different attitudes about beards. Many religions consider this an official creed, with some seeing it as essential to expressing a man’s masculinity and maturity, while others consider the growing of a beard a sign of carelessness, foolishness. wild and scary.

Beards grow fast

The speed of beard growth in each person is different, which is the result of the impact of many objective factors. So fast beard growth is good or bad and what is the cause?

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Explain why beards grow fast

Inherited by genes

Whether or not beard growth is completely independent of genetic factors between generations.

However, genes are one of the factors that partly determine the reason Why do beards grow so fast? in men. If in your family, the grandparents have thick and fast growing beard, chances are your beard will be too.

Beards grow fast

Due to endocrine factors

Beard is considered one of the common physiological characteristics in men, meaning that beard growth is largely due to the impact of hormone metabolism from within.

This happens due to an imbalance of the androgen receptors and the endogenous hormone DHT in the body.

Beards grow fast

First, there is an increase in the number of androgen receptors in the skin, which is what determines the amount of hair and beard on the body.

About DHT, this is an endogenous, flexible hormone, converted from testosterone, DHT has the effect of stimulating hair follicles, stimulating hair growth and determining the speed of beard growth. In addition, when DHT is disordered, the spike also makes the beard unable to grow.

Beards grow fast

Due to living habits

One reason that cannot be ignored is about living habits. Men often have many unscientific habits about time, nutrition or exercise, these factors also cause many consequences, including excessive rapid beard growth.

Beards grow fast

Staying up late causes the condition beard grows fast, hard and cause facial hair to thrive. In addition, the lack of a reasonable exercise regimen also makes the energy metabolism and hormone regulation negatively affected.

Therefore, in order to partly control the speed of beard growth, men first need to change their healthy living habits.

Is fast growing beard good or bad?

Beard, is definitely a necessary trait that shows masculinity, strength and maturity in every guy.

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However, beard growing too fast is not good at all. The rapid growth of beard shows that the androgen hormone in the body is secreted too much, and the endogenous hormone is also out of balance. This is also an accusation of unstable health in you.

Beards grow fast

In addition, some bad external effects also show that too fast beard growth is not a good thing. The most noticeable is a hormonal disorder, causing the skin to produce more oil, clogged pores, causing acne and skin problems.

Beards grow fast

One disadvantage of fast beard growth is that it takes time, effort and money to shave, trim, and clean every day.

Beards grow fast – High physiological needs

Men are often called men, because eyebrows and beards are considered two extremely attractive features of men that make women fall.

Beards grow fast

In the past, in many ancient cultures, the beard was seen as a symbol of maturity, strength and masculinity in men, it was considered a necessity in men. To this day, beard is still recognized as a masculine, romantic and polite feature of a man.

When reaching puberty, the body and internal physiological factors in men also begin to change markedly, hormones are active, beards grow and physiological needs increase gradually.

Beards grow fast

Job beard grows fast, proving that the testosterone metabolism in the body is also active. As is known, the production of testosterone in men takes place during sexual intercourse. This means that as the rate of beard growth increases, the physiological needs also increase.

However, the physiological need in men depends on many other factors, so fast beard growth can mean high demand, but the opposite is not entirely true.

Beards grow fast

How to fix fast growing beard

Shave properly

Properly shaving, you first need to buy yourself a dedicated, suitable and safe cleaning and trimming tool set. After shaving, you also need to clean it thoroughly to avoid leaving bacteria. In particular, do not share shaving tools.

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Beards grow fast

Before bathing or after exercising, the body sweats a lot, the surface of the skin is dirty, there are many bacteria. Therefore, you should not shave at this time, to avoid infection and inflammation.

Don’t shave too clean. You must have experienced the feeling of an ingrown beard, the main reason is due to shaving too clean and close to the beard.

Change the habit

Not only to ensure health but also to improve the condition of fast growing beard, the habit of staying up late and being lazy needs to change from today.

Beards grow fast

How to slow down beard growth naturally?


Lemon juice contains citric acid, which softens, slows down growth and limits ingrown hairs.

Apply lemon juice to the shaved area and rinse with clean water after 15-20 minutes to see a change.

Beards grow fast

python fat

Python fat is a familiar material that is commonly applied by women in reducing hair after hair removal on legs and arms.

You can also refer to this way to inhibit the growth of beard, improve beard grows fast.

Beards grow fast

Apply python fat after shaving and massage gently. Natural triglycerides and oils in python fat will help you improve somewhat.

So beard is not a bad point but speed beard grows fast not quite good. Hopefully this article will help you gain more good knowledge and adjust your health soon. Follow Serumi to learn more!

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